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Liqui Moly Motorcyclist. Young female Motorcyclist will ride solo from Singapore to the Mount Everest Base Camp.

Ulm / Singapore, June 2015 – A tour of more than 7.500 kilometers is a challenge for every motorcyclist. If the route leads through jungle, swampland and into the Himalayas the tour becomes and adventure. Vaune Phan from Singapore plans to master this distance trough half of Asia with her Suzuki. The 27-year-old describes herself as “I’m feminine and I’m rugged.”

Vaune Phan has ridden motorbikes for seven years and has participated in various Enduro races. Besides her passion for motorbikes she also has an Advanced Open Water Diver License, loves surfing and skydives.

After many months of preparation the young woman will start her big adventure on the 3rd of June. Vaune Phan rides with the support of LIQUI MOLY from Singapore via Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, China and Tibet to the Nepalese capital Kathmandu. If everything works according to her plan, Vaune, pronounced “Von“, will arrive on the 28th of June after more than 7,500 kilometers in Kathmandu. The absolute highlight of the tour is riding to the Mount Everest Base Camp Shigatse 5,100 meters above sea level. On her way she will regularly update her blog so that you can follow her with various social media with the hashtag #beyondeverest.

The route is not only ambitious for the rider, but also for her equipment. To prepare the Suzuki DR200 for the tour with great variations in temperature, extreme altitudes and dusty roads, she trusts in motor and gear oils from LIQUI MOLY.

Vaune does not only care about the challenge. On her route she also has another objective: raising the awareness and collecting donations for the Singapore Disability Sports Council, to support people who want to participate in sports despite their disabilities. Liqui Moly Motorcyclist

Vaune Phan

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