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Diesel Engine Repair Tacoma

Diesel and gasoline engines differ significantly. Let us count the ways…

Diesel Engine Repair requires extensive knowledge of the ways in which diesel engines differ from gasoline engines.  A diesel engine is significantly heavier than a gasoline engine. Diesel engines compress intake air into a small space inside a cylinder. This feature of diesel engines causes extreme heat. The heat then ignites a mist of diesel fuel which is injected into each cylinder simultaneously. Diesel engines require frequent oil and filter changes.

Diesel fuel filters need to be checked regularly because a dirty fuel filter will clog the fuel injection system and can cause costly repairs.

Diesel fuel injectors need to be checked regularly, too.

Diesel Engine Maintenance

Routine maintenance of diesel engines is crucial for ensuring the best gas mileage and optimal performance levels. The certified diesel technicians at Big John’s Oil & Lube & Automotive Repair are well-versed in diesel repair and maintenance and know how to keep your rig on the road.

Maintenance tasks on a diesel engine include:

  • Air filter changes
  • Fuel filter changes
  • Fuel system bleeding
  • Water separator draining
  • Lubricating oil changes

Let Big John’s Oil & Lube & Automotive Repair Tacoma complete these routine diesel maintenance items for you. We have the equipment and certified technicians to do the job right the first time! You have enough on your plate to think about and take care of so call today to schedule an appointment for your Diesel Maintenance or Diesel Engine Repair. Don’t wait until your automobile is broke. Contact us today to make sure you have the very best working for you.