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Auto Window Replacement

At Big John’s Oil & Lube & Automotive Repair we make it convenient to replace your vehicle’s window while it’s already in the shop for other maintenance or repairs.

Auto window replacement requires an expert-that is, if you want it done right the first time. The techs on our team have years of experience. They’ve successfully and conscientiously replaced windows for every type of vehicle. The result: an exceptional outcome, every time.

Did You Know? Your windshield is one of the most crucial safety items on your vehicle. It’s true!

Designed to keep you safe from flying debris when you’re on the road, your windshield has a sheet of laminate between two plates of glass that keeps it from shattering when a solid object hits it. This is why, when a rock hits your window, you’ll get a small hole in it. Otherwise, you’d have a shattered windshield lying in your lap and possibly (depending on the degree of impact) throughout your vehicle. But the small impact hole can ‘spider’ out. When this happens on the driver’s side, it must be replaced; it cannot be repaired. (It’s the law.)

Our technicians are meticulous in word and deed: the window replacement on your auto will be tightly sealed making it air and water leak-free. Using the finest sealants on the market and the best glass products available, we make sure your new windows will protect you. Here at Big Johns we are committed to providing you with the best service possible while building long-lasting, strong relationships with our customers.If auto window replacement is needed we are the people here in Tacoma to call.