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AMSOIL is still the best (and was the first) Synthetic Motor Oil for vehicles that are (in terms any horseman understands) “rode hard and put away wet” while remaining in prime condition for years on end. Race car owners swear by it (and anemic competitors swear at it)–for lots of good reasons.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oil is the ONLY brand of oil we recommend at Big John’s.

Why? In a single sound bite, it’s the best synthetic motor oil on the market and it’s what we want you to have in your vehicle. For over 35 years AMSOIL synthetic motor oil has outperformed all other synthetic and conventional lubricants. Whether you have one vehicle or an entire fleet, AMSOIL’s performance offers the best possible lubricant protection you can buy. But for the doubters, we also carry and install OME oil and XL.

Amzoil Synthetic Motor Oil Service RepresentativeYour engine oil’s most crucial task is averting engine wear and tear. The highest-grade AMSOIL (Signature Series) is guaranteed for 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first. By contrast, conventional motor oils should be changed every 3,000 miles.

Fewer oil changes translate into convenience and savings. Your engine will run cooler, cold weather starts will be easier (particularly important in the Northwest) and you’ll get better wear protection. Best of all, the longevity of your engine will increase measurably to save you money! When you do the math — 8 oil changes versus 1oil change –it just makes sense. And consider the convenience of scheduling one oil change every year instead of eight!

Amsoil acheivement awardUsing AMSOIL synthetic motor oil  is the green thing to do, too. Because your vehicle will require seven fewer oil changes every year (on average) there will be seven fewer opportunities for used, untreated oil to add to our already-polluted planet. (Sad fact: It takes just one quart of oil to pollute thousands of gallons of water.)

Call today to discuss the benefits and value of using AMSOIL products in your vehicle. So here you’ve discovered TWO names you can trust: Big John’s Oil & Lube & Automotive Repair and AMSOIL!