First steps to buying a vehicle

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Before you go out to see any vehicles, do some research on the vehicles you’re thinking of buying. Read the technical service bulletins (TSB) and see what data has been collected by the National Highway Safety Administration. This data shows any problems people have had with a vehicle, whether it’s electronic or mechanical. It also informs you of any potential recalls. Additionally, you can read reviews from people who have owned the vehicle you’re considering.  


Field Research and Vehicle Inspection

When buying a vehicle, make sure it will meet your needs and stay within your budget. Never settle on the first vehicle you look at. It’s extremely rare to find a vehicle that fits your needs on your first look. A better vehicle is probably around the corner at a better price. Whether the vehicle is new or used, make sure the dealer has completed a safety inspection and get it in writing. You’ll also want to inspect the brakes, cv axles, windshield wipers, lights and windows (among other things) to make sure those all work properly and fluid levels are where they should be. When you find the car you’re looking for, take it for a test drive and have your own mechanic look at the vehicle


It’s game time. Are you prepared to buy it?

Always eat something before you buy or negotiate on a vehicle price. You’re not yourself when you haven’t eaten and you’ll need energy to effectively navigate this process. Bring water, stay hydrated and above all else stay calm. Try not to let a sales associate know you’re excited or anxious. Never let sales associates know what you have for trade-in or how much you have for a down-payment. Sales associates may insist that such information is essential, but find out what they are willing to do for you before you share what you can do for them. 

Applying even a portion of this information will help you get the vehicle you want, the vehicle you feel good about. 

If you have any questions about buying a vehicle, come out to Big John’s Oil, Lube, and Automotive Repair Tacoma or call (253) 292-1639 today.

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