Auto Repair Financing Available 

SNAP Financing for Auto Repair Services

Simple steps to flexible financing with SNAP Finance

Big John’s Oil, Lube & Automotive Repair Tacoma is happy to be working with Snap! SNAP Finance will give you more options when it comes to financing performance products, services and accessories for your vehicle. All products and services at our auto repair shop in Tacoma are able to use this financing program.

With an easy application, buy what you need today with no-credit-needed financing. Just pay within 100 days as a no interest loan of up to 3000 dollars.

  • Apply now and be approved
  • Download your funds INSTANTLY
  • Pay for services!

You can also text to apply! Text 17077 to 48078 to get started.

Financing in a Snap! Visit or call (253) 292-1639 with any questions about how it works with our services.

What is a SNAP Loan?

Snap doesn’t offer traditional loans. Instead, they offer a consumer lease.

  • Flexible Payments
  • 12-month agreement
  • 100-Day Cash Payoff option (best option)

What are the requirements to apply for a lease?

To qualify applicants must:

  • Be at least 18-years-old
  • Earn at least $1000 per month
  • Have an active checking account

How do the payments work?

Each payment will be deducted directly from the account which you provide at the beginning of your lease. Deductions will be scheduled for the day following your regular payday. In the event that agreed payment dates are surpassed, late payments will include the standard NSF fee ($25) plus an additional fee beginning at $5.

How is a lease different than a loan?

Snap offers lease-purchase agreements, meaning there are no interest rates or APRs attached. Lease fees are based on a combination of Snap Finance’s proprietary underwriting process and customer-provided information. We also offer our 100-day cash payoff which includes no lease fees and only the cash price of the service plus initial processing fee. Your payment schedule will be set for 12 months with withdrawals scheduled at the same frequency as your paydays.

Can I pay off my lease before the 12 months?

Yes! Snap offers a 100-day cash buyout plan. You are also always welcome to buyout your lease before the 12 months.

Is there an interest rate associated with the lease?

No. Instead, there will be a rental fee for the lease which will be included in each payment. These fees will be waived if the total amount is paid within 100 days.


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