A Conversation about Motor Oil from Your Auto Repair Professionals in Tacoma

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Let’s Talk About Motor Oil

At Big John’s Oil, Lube and Automotive Repair Tacoma we understand that motor oil one of the most important fluids in your car. It keeps the metal parts from grinding in the engine and affects several components. Consistent oil changes will do a lot to keep your car healthy and will help keep piston rings, rod bearings, pushrods and cams running smoothly. Additionally, oil acts as part of your car’s cooling system, preventing friction as your engine works hard. 

In short, oil is a barrier of lubrication between moving parts that allows things to work fast and hard without wearing out your engine.


The Motor Oil We Trust

My customers often ask why I only use one brand of motor oil. There are many good oils out there with proven performance, but in the tests performed by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) some oils fall short when it comes to consistency. I use oil that has been proven to perform consistently throughout the heat range you can expect from your vehicle. Amsoil has received high marks across the board and beats all other oils even working beyond specific heat ranges. It’s also proven to protect your engine against premature wearing. 

A car is an investment. When it comes to protecting your investment, I use Amsoil.


Car Repair Tacoma

We offer more than just car repair. At Big John’s Oil, Lube and Automotive Repair Tacoma, we perform a wide range of services for your vehicle, from tire rotations to transmission replacement and just about everything in between, including preventative maintenance that will keep your car running long-term. 

We want our customers to have the best performance from their cars and we want to provide the best customer care. 

Call (253) 292-1639 to schedule your next car service. 

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